Personal therapy

Helping you to help yourself

Therapeutic approaches

Offering confidential short, medium or long-term Counselling and Psychotherapy to a wide range of people with a variety of issues – being there for you, valuing you and giving you the opportunity to focus on yourself.

Do you identify with any of these issues?

If so, then I invite you to make sense of your life in a different way without fear of being judged, because each person comes to Counselling and Psychotherapy for different reasons.

Why choose me?

I am passionate about emotional health and wellbeing, holding the belief that we all have the capacity to think and influence our lives through the decisions we make.

I offer you a quiet and confidential space to explore and discuss your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and personal issues. Somewhere you can investigate the possibility of change and work towards developing a stronger sense of self.

  • Integrative therapeutic approach
  • Fully qualified
  • Compassionate & empathic approach
  • Supportive & experienced
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Ethically governed by recognised professional bodies

Since starting my sessions with Holly I have completely changed my attitude to food, I make more sensible choices and am in tune with my body and I now know when to stop eating.

These changes have all resulted in me losing weight, being relaxed around food and being a much happier person. Thank you Holly!

E.L. West Sussex

I received a professional & thorough consultation with Holly and was very easily put into a hypnotic state.

The results of her services have been truly amazing, life changing and transformational for me and I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much!

L.W. Haywards Heath

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