I wonder what your experience of being bullied and or possibly abused is and if you recognise this negative behaviour towards you at all?

Both of these ways of interacting are a way for one person to try and feel power, control and dominance over the other, by means that are habitual and repeated.

In today’s world of easy Internet accessibility, cyber bullying through social media and networking sites is one of the main factors for young people when they experience being bullied. Sadly what they struggle with often alone, can lead to an escalation of abusive behaviour towards them with sometimes devastating consequences.

It is thought that girls are often more subtle than boys in their bullying tactics, using ostracisation and social exclusion, in conjunction with verbal bullying, which can take the form of rumour spreading, ending in face to face confrontation and threat.

Boys tend to be more blatant, although they can also use clever verbal techniques as well as physical violence and cyber bullying.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, have you ever suffered from, do you currently suffer with or struggle from any form of bullying and abuse on a regular basis?

Do you experience or have you repeatedly experienced any of the list below, which shows what bullying and abusive behaviour looks like from one person to another when in written format.

  • Aggressive behaviour towards you
  • Emotional abuse
  • Feeling threatened or intimidated
  • Cyber bullying – social media / networking site bullying
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviour or sexual abuse
  • Being hit, pushed, shoved or beaten up
  • Someone shouting at you, taunting you, calling you names or being ;continuously verbally abusive
  • Neglectful behaviour towards you
  • Someone stealing your possessions
  • Physical assault and violent behaviour towards you
  • Being followed or stalked
  • Harassment / bullying at school or in the work place
  • Trying to impress another person through negative actions towards others
  • Another person spreading rumours about you

Does any of the list resonate with you?

Suffering from bullying and abuse can severely affect you mental health and self-esteem, which in turn may also affect your physical health. Being bullied and abused could cause you to suffer from severe anxiety, have panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, struggle with depression or lead you to self-harm.

You may not know what to do or how to change your situation, but if you are experiencing abusive behaviour towards you, then please speak out and ask for help. You are not alone, even if it feels as though you are…

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