Hypnosis is the natural relaxing state half way between being awake and being asleep.

We spend most of the day in a conscious state, but go into a “hypnotic trance” many times without even realising. Our minds wander off into a daydream of some kind before coming back to the present.  At night when you are in bed drifting off to sleep, that is hypnosis – a reduced state of awareness.

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and thrives not only as a therapy in it’s own right, but works in conjunction with the mind and body philosophies incorporated in yoga, mindfulness and meditation – based around slowing your mind down to a state of relaxation, which in turn allows your mind to accept positive suggestions of change.


Hypnotherapy is a fully authenticated stand-alone therapy, which works at the subconscious or emotionally historic level of the mind and is recognised by the medical profession as a natural and effective way of helping to deal with physical and psychological problems that occur in daily lives.

How does hypnotherapy work?

How does hypnotherapy work? By offering a safe and comfortable environment, where I use recognised and trusted relaxation techniques to help slow your mind down and help you move into a sense of deep relaxation, we work through your story together. From this I make appropriate suggestions, personalising your hypnotherapy according to what you experience as we work.

You are continually aware of what’s going on around you, even whilst deeply relaxed, and can bring yourself out of this hypnotic state at any time.

I work with hypnotherapy as either a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with counselling and psychotherapy, tailoring your sessions to your needs, working with a wide variety of issues.

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