There are lots of reasons you may be considering Couple Counselling Therapy.

You may be stuck in repetitive patterns of behaviour with each other, or you might have noticed yourself having conversations with your partner in a more critical manner than usual.

You could find yourself being or feeling defensive, or showing contempt towards each other, or maybe you are stonewalling.

If you, or your partner are experiencing any of these, then it might be time to learn how to communicate in a more effective way. Even if it’s only to ensure that you remain able to have open communication between each other.

I offer Couples Counselling in a safe and held space, allowing you both to speak your truths about your relationship and the issues arising within it.

We will aim to look at different and more effective ways of you working to build on your ongoing interaction with each other, even if you have decided this is the end of your relationship altogether, but want to remain amicable.

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