As a teenager your life is going to be changing so fast, plus your hormones are beginning to kick in. This combination can cause you to feel different emotionally.

And as you look at yourself in a mirror, possibly ‘measuring’ yourself against your friends, you may be aware of how you are physically beginning to change as well.

Are you wondering what your place is in your world as you know it, especially if you are feeling under pressure from impending exams, or having problems within your friend groups.

There may be family changes going on around you as well, let alone going to school, college, university or work and the emotional challenges and uncertainties any of these bring.

With all these fast moving and ever changing environments and pressures, you may find you begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious or unsure, but aren’t sure what to do about it.

Some other things you could be experiencing might be listed below:

  • No one understands you, least of all your parents!
  • Maybe the feeling of anxiety hits you out of the blue, or is something that has been slowly building up
  • You may be angry and feel like lashing out one minute and then want to cry the next
  • Have you got exams coming up in the next few months, term or year, which are causing you to feel underlying ‘exam nerves’ or outright panic?
  • Are you putting too much pressure on yourself and trying to ‘be perfect’? This is not possible on a full time basis by the way, because being human means we make mistakes
  • Do you experience your parents as putting too much pressure on you?
  • Have you or are you being bullied, not knowing how to deal with the feelings this brings up
  • Do you feel pressure being ‘put’ on you with so much out there on social and multi media networks and in magazines?
  • Are you struggling with not eating enough, or eating too much and worrying about your weight?
  • Are you just generally struggling with the pace of life?
  • Are you turning to self-harm to relieve the pressure you are feeling?

Maybe you just need or want to talk to someone impartial in a safe environment who is there solely for you no matter what the reason, just someone who can help you make sense of it all.

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