How many people do you know who can really say they have succeeded long term with ‘Dieting’ and Weight Loss?

Weight Loss – what does it typically look like?

  • Typical ‘diets’ and our understanding of dieting can tend to veer towards an unnatural way of encouraging weight loss
  • Restricting your bodies’ intake of calories to dangerously low levels long term, in order to get the maximum weight loss in the shortest possible time scale, is a completely unnatural and unhealthy thing to do
  • Reducing the quantity of ‘good foods and good fats’ that your body actually needs, not only restricts calorie intake in a drastic way, but you can actually put your body into ‘starvation’ mode
  • This in turn means that you stand a good chance of either becoming ill on occasion, or turning into one of the many yo-yo dieters who are more often than not long term members of the local slimming club

So what happens when these sometimes, drastic approaches fail? 

When you are no longer able to maintain your ‘diet’ you fall off the wagon, and because your body is in ‘starvation mode’, it stores every last calorie it can get.

This more often than not results in you putting the weight back on in double quick time, with very often a bit more as well!!  Plus your craving levels will very probably increase.

The reason for this is simply that your body doesn’t know when it will be ‘starved’ again, so it is tricking you into eating more, subsequently saving up as many calories as it can, as quickly as it can – just in case!!

Working with Counselling and Psychotherapy helps to find out why you make the food choices that seem to sabotage how you would like to look and feel about yourself.

Discover how to turn the possible negative thoughts you experience towards yourself into a positive reframe of how you would like to be, so you can stop being hijacked by your brain (and body).  

Therapy, combined with learning how to make better food choices, in order to eat a more healthy balanced diet, will ensure you gradually lose the weight you want without sending your body into deprivation or ‘starvation mode’.

If you have a few pounds, or a few stone to lose come and visit me in a calm and private environment at my clinic in West Sussex and lets get those pounds shifting in a safe, steady and maintainable way.