If there is a sport you enjoy for fun or possibly competing in, or you choose to start pursuing a different sport for the first time, then there is a possibility you may at times feel overwhelmed, lacking in self-confidence, or just plain scared and nervous.

Any sport you embark on no matter the level – yes that’s the professionals and gold medal winners as well – may cause you to have days of going from feeling on top of the world, to feeling nervous, anxious and unmotivated, sometimes for no reason that we can think of and at times for a very good reason that we need to work through.

It’s the same for all of us, because at the end of the day, we are all human and appreciate the risks associated with either getting to grips with what you are aiming for, or in the case of riders, getting on an animal that has it’s own mind.

To ride a horse in any discipline, be it hacking, jumping, eventing or dressage; to cycle a bike on the road or up and down hills, to run, ski, swim, skate, play ball and racket games, or even to train in the gym; essentially to partake or compete at any level is an accomplishment and takes passion, commitment and discipline.

Talking in the form of Counselling & Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy in combination with NLP are a very effective ways of looking at the hidden reasons for these underlying and sometimes very debilitating emotions.

Working together we will be able to help you develop your own strategies that continue working for you after your therapy sessions have finished, enabling you to get back on form and continue with the sport you love.

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