Working with therapy at either the conscious (talking therapy) or subconscious level (hypnotherapy) has been scientifically proven to bring about long-term psychological and physiological change in CFS and M.E. sufferers.

Each person who struggles with this illness is an expert in their condition, because no two people will be experiencing the same version of CFS/M.E.

Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP can be used as stand-alone therapies, however they can also be combined with Mindful Meditation and Hypnotherapy to aid in the relaxation of the nervous system – by slowing the brain down, which often brings with it a deep feeling of peace, calm and well being.

As a therapist I am aware from the scientific research conducted, how negative emotions and thoughts lower immunity, cause metabolic changes and negatively impact on the body as a whole.

  • The sympathetic nervous system – which is situated in the right hemisphere of the brain, is where negative thoughts and emotions occur
  • The parasympathetic nervous system – which is situated in the left hemisphere of the brain, is where positive emotions and thoughts occur

As an abbreviated version of some of the work we may undertake together – working with Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP, my aim as your therapist is in part to work with you in whatever guise you need in therapeutic terms. This may include bringing about an understanding of why you are unwell, help you to reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing, give you support at this difficult time whilst you strengthen your conscious adult thinking around your day-to-day energy levels and life.

Working with Hypnotherapy I would use rhythmical vocal positive suggestion as part of the therapy, taking you on a journey through a series of stages into deep relaxation, enabling the mind and body to slow down.

Incorporating Mindful Meditation as part of your ongoing therapy intervention in the treatment of CFS/M.E. has also been shown to have many positive benefits for the body’s nervous system with sufferers.

Whatever mode of therapy or combination of therapy you decide upon, engaging the parasympathetic nervous system has the supplemental positive effect on cellular immunity, muscle, respiratory and cardiac relaxation and blood vessel dilation.

Essentially therapy is used to gain understanding and sooth this side of the brain and nervous system.

Listening to my free relaxation recording daily will help in the process of recuperation and rehabilitation for anyone suffering from CFS/ME.