Whatever the underlying cause of the physical pain you may be experiencing, you still deserve to live your life as you choose.

Everyone experiences pain in individual ways and with different intensity, which can on occasion make the diagnosis criteria difficult.

Let’s take a look at the differences in physical pain, whilst keeping in mind how in some instances pain may have an emotional origin.

  • Mild Pain – generally improves with no need for therapy, or with non-prescription, over the counter medications
  • Moderate Pain – being the next ‘step’ up from mild pain. It is not something to be ignored, causing enough discomfort to interfere with your daily life, but not necessarily inhibiting your bodies’ efficiency. You may require stronger prescriptive or non-prescriptive medication
  • Severe Pain – is defined as pain, which interferes with your daily life and inhibits the bodies’ effectiveness. In some instances this type of pain can lead to the sufferer being confined to their bed for rest. Severe pain will not go away over time and therefore requires continuous treatment