October 31, 2016

I’m not sure about you, and I know it’s “only” November, but I feel as though I’ve blinked and missed the time in between last Christmas and this. How come Christmas is nearly here again? I keep asking myself. I’m not ready… I keep saying to myself.

So with Christmas on its merry way (it gets closer by the day), a bit like the runaway train you see in an action film, how can we look after ourselves at what is, for many, a really stressful time of year?  Apologies to those out there who breeze through the festivities…

I’m honestly not trying to be a bar humbug, because obviously there are lots and lots of positives involved around Christmas especially where children are concerned, but there are also added pressures.  The financial juggle for presents, as well food buying, the cooking, possibly driving or travelling to see relatives; let alone the overall dynamic of family juggling and “fitting” everyone in, even if they don’t get on or haven’t seen each other and you haven’t seen them for a whole year either. I really don’t mean it in a bar humbug way as I said, it’s just all rather a lot to consider when you think about it. Plus this is only from my perspective after all, but I reckon a few of you out there will share some resonance with me…

Having said that, knowing Father Christmas is coming down the chimney and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and his clan will be flying though the sky landing on every roof, is nothing to be overlooked… although with all the carrots and mince pies they consume on their trip round the world, a post Christmas weight loss program might be the order of the day…

My question to you though is “How can you take care of yourself with this added pressure and still come through the holiday time fairly unscathed?”

My suggestion to you would be to put yourself at the top of the family and friend pile for a little while. Taking time for yourself (are you feeling uncomfortable at my suggestion?), because actually you do deserve some “you time”, even if there is a little voice inside you that says you don’t.

Sometimes we get a bit lost and overwhelmed during the festivities, let alone at any other time of year!  A bit like taking a journey having left the map or sat nav at home. You know where you would like to go and have a rough idea of how you’d like to get there, but you’re just not sure of the way.

So if you do feel slightly uncomfortable at my suggestion… Taking “you time” isn’t a crime. Putting yourself first for even a small amount of instance during those stressful periods we all go through in life, actually benefits those around you, because it enables you to deal with daily stressors and life better.

My experience is that using Talking Therapy, Counselling, NLP or Hypnotherapy and speaking to someone who “gets it”, enables you to find your own personal map, or sat nav to where you want to go.

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