May 20, 2015

Being a sports person and having a BSc degree background in Sports Psychology and Equine Sports Performance, allows me to adapt and customise your hypnotherapy sessions for Motivation in Sports and Rider Confidence, supporting, encouraging and enabling you to work towards your end goal, whatever that is.

The building blocks for achieving your end goal would initially encompass working in the relaxed and therapeutic environment of my therapy room, with one to one sessions to discover the root cause of the underlying problem. These sessions would be reinforced with the help of your personalised download to listen to at home, incorporating some relaxation exercises, positive visualization and NLP, along with utilising self-hypnosis as part of the therapy plan if required.

Complimenting the one to one sessions.

If between us we made the decision to work with the hypnotherapy outside the therapy room, either where you train in your chosen sport, or with your horse as a horse and rider combination, this is something we could very much bring into being. I find that in some instances this brings clarification and crystallisation to the sports person or rider

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