March 18, 2015

Here are some keys to reducing stress in our every day life that can be practiced on a daily basis… and they REALLY do help.

  • Take time out for yourself even if it’s only 10 minutes, once or twice during the day.  Close your eyes, breath slowly and deeply into your lungs, allowing the breathe to move into your diaphragm.   This helps you to clear your mind.  Then as you breath slowly let the thoughts and worries fall away, all the while concentrating on your breathing.  If you struggle with this, then count slowly as you breath in and again as you breath out.  Concentrating entirely on the counting and your breathing.  You will be amazed.
  • Reduce caffeine intake, because it stimulates adrenalin release and exacerbates stress.
  • Turn your phone off, or leave the computer and or tablet alone for a few hours a day if you can, or at least at the weekend!!
  • Sleep, really does help reduce anxiety and lower stress, although this can be a tough one if you’re feeling uptight and anxious.  You could practice your breathing again with this one.
  • Exercise, really does help alleviate stress and relax the body, by getting rid of pent up energy, whilst releasing beneficial hormones.
  • Don’t hold grudges.  Try and let grudges go, because if we hold onto them, it’s like a toxin building up in our systems and causes long-term stress on our bodies and in our minds.
  • Let go of and don’t allow negative self-talk.  If the thoughts are all consuming, then write them down and get a friend, or your therapist to go through them with you.  Most of our negative thoughts are just that……thoughts. They are not fact!!

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