July 24, 2015

My Philosophy and Approach to Personalised, Solution Focused Therapy

When you come and see me, you will be completely heard…. you will be completely listened to and most of all we will take our time. My experiences over the years of my own therapies and training, have led me to develop the kind of therapy that I would like, so my therapy is personal to each client and each clients needs.

Taking a look at who you are is hard, especially when you’re struggling…. and asking yourself if you need a helping hand in being happier in your own skin is even harder.

Would you like some help in dealing with an underlying issue that leaves you feeling down and has an impact on your everyday life? You may not always be able to put your finger on it… Its just a “feeling”.

  • Taking the first step is always the hardest part.
  • Picking up the phone, or sending an email and asking for help takes braveness.

So… “let me, help you, help yourself” walk a path not yet trodden, but waiting for you…

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