May 20, 2015

Hidden illnesses…

There are many people out there that look completely okay and “normal” on the outside, but on the inside they actually aren’t.  They feel just plain “invisibly” unwell….

No-one really knows what goes on for another person unless we take the time to be non-judgemental and listen to what they have to say.

We may not completely understand what a person’s problem is, but by taking the time to fully see them and listen to them, whilst making an attempt to try and understand what is wrong, is half the battle.

You might be walking by, working with, sitting next to, or looking at someone right now, who seems fine, but is struggling on the inside for whatever reason.  You may even stop and talk to someone, telling them how well they look and they smile, because it’s easier and what is “expected”.

Other peoples “internal not being fine”, but looking externally okay, might be due to them struggling with depression, or maybe an autoimmune illness, or it may be because they are battling with anxiety or of low self confidence.  1 in 3 people today suffer and go through some mental internal struggle that is invisible to the outside world.

From my own experience with the autoimmune illness that is CFS/ME, I am sometimes one of the not fine ones… but look healthy to the outside world.  It’s really hard being unwell when you look okay, because people judge.

If people could see an external visual sign of the “invisible” internal illness, it would make life for the unwell person much easier.  The problem lies when you look for all intents and purpose to be fine – people tend not to be able to comprehend whats wrong, even if you explain it.

If someone is invisibly unwell, depressed or having problems with anxiety, they don’t want to feel like they do, but right now in their lives there is nothing they can do about it.

Winning the uphill battle to be both healthy on the inside, as well as healthy on the outside is hard, as anyone currently climbing that steep hill will know.

Working at keeping a positive mindset, when you’re having a bad day, have hit rock bottom and feel like death warmed up is hard, but each breath we take and with each new day dawning, brings new hope.  Getting the right kind of help, support and understanding is paramount.

If this sounds like you and you feel as though you’re all alone and not being “seen” or “heard“, then there are a lot of other people feeling similar emotions, although you may not realise that right now.  Looking fine and feeling really unwell, is often a very lonely experience, but you do not need to be alone….

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